Roland SYSTEM-8 PLUG-OUT Synthesizer, 49-key


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    35 x 14.3 x 4.3 inches
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    13 Pounds

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    The New Classic

    The SYSTEM-8 is a direct result of over four decades of synthesizer development at Roland, including some of the most iconic instruments ever made. It absolutely nails the sound and behavior of our most sought-after classics, like the included JUPITER-8, JUNO-106 and JX-3P synthesizers—and yet it does so much more. Mix and match modern and vintage oscillators and filter types with multiple dedicated effects—then split and layer them into never-before-heard new sounds. Shape every detail with the huge array of high-resolution controls and create fully realized musical ideas with the onboard polyphonic sequencer with motion recording. Able to split, layer and combine different synth engines, the SYSTEM-8 is unparalleled in its versatility, going from glass to growl, or pluck to punch, with just a few tweaks of its high-resolution controls.

    • Versatile performance synthesizer with advanced ACB technology and 49 full-size keys
    • Internal sound engine delivers classic analog tones and dynamic modern sounds with analog vibe
    • Hosts up to three PLUG-OUT synths; JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106 PLUG-OUTs included


    Beyond Vintage

    The SYSTEM-8’s synth architecture draws on our deep history of research and development—and it includes authentic models of classic oscillators, filters and effects. It even has down-to-the-circuit recreations of the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106 and JX-3P built-in, not to mention the world of legendary synths available on Roland Cloud. But the SYSTEM-8 goes way beyond vintage. It has multiple flavors of digital and analog-style oscillators including Saw, Square, Triangle, SuperSaw, FM and more completely unique waveforms. Filter options include the famous JUPITER and JUNO filters as well as more recent designs like the unique Side Band Filter.



    High-Resolution Control

    Ever wondered what a knobby, FM synth with a JUPITER-8 filter would be like? Now you can find out. With one of the most expansive control layouts available, the SYSTEM-8 has dozens of knobs, sliders, and buttons for you to shape your sound. Dimmable lights give you feedback as to which controls are active and let you see what’s happening in dim studios and dark stages. Controls have a logical, flowing, layout with tonal tweaking in mind. You’ll get ultra-smooth parameter changes that sound great and help you find the sweet spots.



    Dream Sequencer

    The SYSTEM-8’s polyphonic sequencer is designed to be quick and flowing, keeping up with the rapid pace of your musical ideas. The upper and lower layers of the SYSTEM-8 each have their own dedicated sequencer which can trigger internal sounds or devices connected via USB, standard MIDI, or CV/GATE. You can record in step or real-time modes and the sequencer can even capture per-step or real-time parameter changes using motion recording. Keep things fresh and exciting with dedicated knobs for scale, gate, and shuffle as well as hands-on control of playback modes and direction.




    49-Key plug-out synthesizer with 8 voices, 3 oscillators, analog circuit behavior engine, polyphonic step sequencer, arpeggiator, vocoder, CV/gate/MIDI, and jupiter-8 and junior-106 plug-outs.

    Features & details

    • Versatile performance synthesizer with advanced acb technology and 49 full-size keys
    • Internal sound engine delivers classic analog tones and dynamic modern sounds with analog Vibe
    • Hosts up to three plug-out synths; Jupiter-8 and junior-106 plug-outs included
    • Advanced low-pass, high-pass, and side-band filters with high-resolution controls
    • Massive real-time control with dedicated knobs, sliders, and buttons
    • Polyphonic step sequencer with classic trs-rec style interface
    • Arpeggiator, vocoder, and polyphonic chord memory functions
    • Cv/Gate outputs for interfacing with modular synths and vintage gear
    • Large selection of Onboard effects with hands-on controls
    • Usb Audio/MIDI interface and control surface Mode

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