Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, White (DDJ-FLX6-W) & HDJ-CUE1 – On-Ear Headphones – Black


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    Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, White (DDJ-FLX6-W)
    The Pioneer DJ 4-Channel DJ Controller works with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro mixers. Add transitions by turning the Merge FX knob to create tension and anticipation in your music. Full-size wheels make pitch bending and scratching feel natural as the wheels are the same size as CDJ-3000 multi-player controller. With features like Jog Cutter and Sample Scratch, this controller allows you to create professional-sounding scratch effects and choose sounds assigned to the sampler to load onto decks for live remixing and easy-to-use scratch effects.

    Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 – On-Ear Headphones – Black
    Start your DJ journey with HDJ-CUE1 Headphones that are built on DNA from our pro models. While these entry-level headphones are the most affordable pair yet, they match our other professional headphones’ quality and feature benchmarks as well. Choose the HDJ-CUE1 for a pro look and feel, rich sound, compact and flexible design, and high-quality finish. Enjoy specialist sound tuning inherited from the pro-level HDJ-X5; perfectly hear low frequencies in the bass and kick drums so you can mix precisely and know exactly what your friends want to hear when you drop the next track. If you’re interested in wireless headphones, check out the HDJ-CUE1 Bluetooth models, which are available in a range of colors to match your style. In addition, the device features Bluetooth technology that enables you to listen and play on the go!

    Features & details

    • Product 1: Create exciting transitions by turning the knob as fast or slow as you want to build anticipation in the music
    • Product 1: Jog Cutter allows you to create pro-sounding scratch effects with ten different scratch patterns with only one hand by choosing a playback position or pointing towards the angle for the desired scratch
    • Product 1: Full-size jog wheels make pitch bending and scratching feel natural as the wheels are the same size as the CDJ-3000 multi-player controller
    • Product 1: Features Sample Scratch, a new pad mode in rekordbox that allows you to choose sounds assigned to the sampler and then load them onto decks for live remixing and adding texture to tracks
    • Product 2: Dynamic drivers enable you to feel the bass and hear mids and high-end sounds with crystal clarity, helping you to mix with pin-point precision
    • Product 2: All moving parts have passed our strict-in house durability tests, and extra-strong metal sliders in the headband bring added reliability
    • Product 2: With ear cups that turn a full 90 degrees and a flexible, cushioned headband, you can comfortably monitor your mix your way
    • Product 2: Personalize your look and express yourself by switching out the cable and earpads for one of 5 brightly colored replacements

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